Canceling Ejari: What Documents Do You Need?

Learn what documents are needed for canceling an Ejari contract in Dubai and how long it takes to process an online cancellation request.

Canceling Ejari: What Documents Do You Need?
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Every landlord or tenant in the United Arab Emirates is familiar with the legal procedures and lease agreements known as “Ejari”. Knowing the requirements for canceling Ejari can be a great help in the rental process. It is not the tenant's responsibility to submit the Ejari cancellation request, but rather the landlord's. This can be done by visiting any Ejari office, but you must have certain documents before your cancellation can be approved.

The last or last DEWA invoice that was delivered to the tenant must be presented and the balance must be shown, since all outstanding charges must be settled before Ejari is canceled. The submission of the final DEWA invoice is one of the important steps in canceling Ejari, since the cancellation request will be canceled without full payment of the DEWA invoices. You can proceed with the cancellation of Ejari even without the final DEWA invoice by presenting the DEWA invoice of a person currently living on the premises of the property or any other document provided by DEWA requesting the creation of a new DEWA account after the end date of the contract. The owner's Emirates ID must also be presented and the name mentioned on it must match that on their passport.

It is important to remember that your Ejari is not automatically terminated once your lease period expires, but that you must follow the proper procedure and cancel the Ejari contract according to RERA law. Once the RT office receives all necessary documentation, Ejari's cancellation request will be approved with a reference number. In this blog, we will not only help you with canceling Ejari, but we will also discuss what documents are needed for it. According to RERA, you are not required to be physically present at Ejari's office when you request the cancellation of Ejari's contract.

As a guarantee that the cancellation has been approved, you will receive a cancellation identification number via email and SMS. There's no need to request the cancellation contract after its deadline, which means that you won't have to pay additional costs to request it. When you have all necessary documents for canceling Ejari, all you have to do is go to Dubai Land Department's official website and download their cancellation form. Agents are not responsible for obtaining an Ejari cancellation contract or registering at an Ejari office.

This means that if an Ejari contract has not been canceled, it cannot be transferred to a new buyer and registration will not take place. Subsequently, DLD or an Ejari office will use your identification number received by email or SMS to confirm your cancellation, if necessary. Since an Ejari contract is a legally binding document between landlord and tenant, both parties can cancel it and make a new one or rescind their lease completely. This service allows customers to request a cancellation of an expired Ejari contract or a canceled contract for properties rented in Dubai.

Generally, offices aren't very crowded and there aren't many people queuing up to get their contract with Ejari canceled. It takes 24 to 48 hours to process an online cancellation request for an Ejari contract.

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