Documents required for Ejari

re you looking to register your tenancy contract in Dubai? This article provides a detailed list of documents & requirements required for ejari registration

Documents required for Ejari

Ejari is an online registration system in Dubai that manages and regulates all rental agreements between landlords and tenants. The Ejari system ensures that both parties are protected by the law, and all rental contracts are legally binding. If you are planning to rent a property in Dubai, it is essential to register your tenancy contract with Ejari. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the documents required for Ejari registration.

Documents required for Ejari registration

Valid passport copies of the landlord and tenant

Emirates ID copies of the landlord and tenant

Tenancy contract

DEWA bill

Title deed or Affection Plan (for the landlord)

Ejari registration fee receipt

Procedures for Ejari registration

Step 1: Fill out the Ejari application form

Step 2: Submit the application form and required documents

Step 3: Receive the Ejari certificate

Requirements for Ejari registration

The tenancy contract must be in compliance with Dubai's rental laws

The property must be in a condition fit for living

The property must be located in Dubai

The landlord must have a valid trade license

Can a tenant register Ejari online?

Yes, tenants can register Ejari online by visiting the official website of Ejari and submitting the required documents.

How to get Ejari tenancy contract?

The Ejari tenancy contract is typically provided by the landlord or their agent. The tenant can request a copy of the contract for Ejari registration.

How many days does Ejari take?

Ejari registration usually takes 5-10 mins once all the fees are paid.

Do you need Emirates ID for Ejari?

Yes, Emirates ID copies of both the landlord and tenant are required for Ejari registration.

How much is Ejari registration fee?

The cost of Ejari registration is AED 160, which includes the Ejari registration fee and the typing center fee.

Who pays for Ejari landlord or tenant?

The Ejari registration fee is typically paid by the tenant, although this can be negotiated between the landlord and tenant.

Can I rent without Emirates ID?

No, Emirates ID is mandatory for renting a property in Dubai and for Ejari registration.

How much is Ejari fee in Dubai?

The Ejari fee in Dubai is AED 160.

Can I verify UAE pass without Emirates ID?

No, UAE Pass verification requires Emirates ID.

Do I need DEWA bill for Ejari?

Yes, a DEWA bill is required for Ejari registration as proof of occupancy.

Do I have to pay Ejari every year?

No, Ejari registration is a one-time process and does not require annual renewal.

What is the difference between Ejari and tenancy contract?

The Ejari certificate is a legal document that confirms the registration of a tenancy contract, whereas the tenancy contract is an agreement between the landlord and tenant that outlines the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

Can Ejari have 2 names?

Yes, Ejari can have up to two names, one for the landlord and one for the tenant.

Can one person have 2 Ejari?

Yes, a person can have multiple Ejari registrations for different rental properties.

Does Ejari expire?

No, Ejari registration does not expire unless there is a change in tenancy or property ownership.

Can landlord cancel Ejari?

No, the landlord cannot cancel Ejari registration without the consent of the tenant.

How much is tenancy agreement?

The cost of a tenancy agreement varies depending on the terms and conditions, but it is typically a percentage of the annual rent.

Can Ejari be done for 6 months?

Yes, Ejari can be done for a minimum of 6 months or the duration of the tenancy contract, whichever is longer. The usual duration is 1 year but it all depends on the landlord how long he wishes to lease you the apartment for.

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