Do I Need to Cancel Ejari When Moving Out?

Learn how to cancel your ejari contract when moving out in Dubai. Find out what documents you need and who is responsible for submitting an ejari cancellation request.

Do I Need to Cancel Ejari When Moving Out?
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Ejari is the system that the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) started as a portal for the registration and registration of all rental or lease contracts in Dubai. Tenants and landlords must cancel Ejari contracts when terminating a lease. It is not the buyer's responsibility to submit the ejari cancellation request. The landlord is supposed to make the cancellation, which can be done by visiting any Ejari office.

Before your cancellation can be approved, you must have certain documents. Unfortunately, many people don't know this, so they assume that the buyer is responsible for obtaining the Ejari cancellation contract or registering at the Ejari office. However, according to RERA, it is actually the landlord's responsibility. You are not required to be physically present at Ejari's office when you request the cancellation of Ejari's contract.

In this case, either of the owners will have to go themselves or someone with a letter of authorization from the owner to cancel the Ejari. The law isn't very clear about who should cancel the Ejari, however, you, as a tenant, will need a NOC from the landlord to cancel the Ejari, which clearly indicates that the primary responsibility lies with the landlord. Since ejari is not automatically canceled when the lease expires, it must be canceled manually. According to RERA, it is the owner's responsibility to submit the Ejari cancellation request by visiting any Ejari office with certain documents.

But he was asking for rent for the period between the expiration of the ejari and the date, but he agreed to exempt it for a month when I explained the situation to him. Yes, you can also cancel Ejari online through the Dubai REST app, Dubai Now app, or official DLD website. This means that if the Ejari contract has not been canceled, it cannot be transferred to a new buyer and registration will not take place. As a guarantee that the cancellation has been approved, you will receive a cancellation identification number via email and SMS.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that tenants and landlords must cancel their Ejari contracts when terminating a lease. It is not the buyer's responsibility to submit an ejari cancellation request - this must be done by the landlord. You may need certain documents before your cancellation can be approved and you may also need a NOC from your landlord in order to cancel your Ejari contract. You can cancel your Ejari online or in person at an Ejari office.

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