Do I Have to Pay Ejari Every Year?

Learn about mandatory renewal of Ejari every year when you renew your lease agreement for properties in Dubai. Understand how to apply for renewal online and what documents are required.

Do I Have to Pay Ejari Every Year?
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The renewal of Ejari is mandatory every time you renew the lease of your apartment or villa for rent in Dubai, which in most cases will be once a year. You can easily renew the contract online by submitting all the required documents. It is important to have the original certificate in possession when renewing it. Recently, when my lease was due for renewal, my landlord told me that I would have to apply for the renewal of Ejari.

The Ejari certificate ensures that the rights of both the tenant and the landlord are met in the event of a conflict. In most cases, it is the tenant or the real estate agent who assumes this responsibility and assumes the cost of registering the contract in Ejari. From the renewal of Ejari to its cancellation, this section sheds light on every aspect related to this RERA initiative. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) launched Ejari to control and facilitate the rental market in Dubai.

Once you have submitted all the documents and deposited the fees, your application will be processed and you will be assigned an Ejari number. To finish Ejari, all you have to do is prepare several documents before going to the center. The cancellation process requires the landlord to visit an Ejari office and present a copy of the previous contract. The Ejari certificate guarantees openness and transparency between both parties, fully integrating rental contracts into the legal system and allowing an easy review of the contract in case of disagreement.

In Dubai, there are five Ejari offices; you enter without an appointment and present the relevant documents provided by your real estate agent or landlord. However, paying for the renovation of the Ejari is usually the tenant's obligation, unless stated otherwise in the lease agreement. Here are some of the most important things related to the Ejari registry that everyone in Dubai should know. For eight years I had lived in the same apartment in Dubai, and every year when my lease was renewed, my landlord would send me both a new lease agreement and an updated Ejari by email.

But above all, I would like to know: shouldn't it be up to my landlord to request an Ejari? If you could clarify what UAE laws say on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

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